Disneyland Photo Trip Report (Summer 2013) - Part 1

Having worked at Disneyland Paris in 2011 (and having visited 5 times) and worked at Walt Disney World in Summer 2013, it would be unthinkable of me to visit the US and not visit the park that inspired all the others that came after it. A note of warning: there are A LOT of pictures in this photo trip report. If you would rather read the full trip report which has a lot more detail then take a look here.

I visited the Disneyland Resort with my friend Jack who I knew from Walt Disney World. 

There are two parks at the Disneyland Resort - Disneyland, the original theme park, which opened in 1955 and inspired all the other Disney parks worldwide; and California Adventure the second theme park opened in 2001.

The weather in California is generally cooler than Florida without the humidity so it does get cold at night and a hoody is advised even during late August - something which is unthinkable in Florida.

Knowing that it was easy to walk to Disneyland as it was in the middle of a community, unlike Disney World, we booked one of the many nearby hotels located just a 10 minute walk from the park gates.

The view of California Adventure from our hotel where we would walk across the Cast Member parking lot as a short cut.

The park feels very familiar to Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World, but smaller and more quaint.

The famous sign marking the entrance to the Disney park experience.

Of course there's a Main Street USA but as you can see the castle is tiny!

Here it is up close.

I took quite a few shots of the castle. 

Like Paris there is a gallery inside but this one is much more cramped and less elaborate.

And a photo of me standing in front of it.

Just in front of the castle there were several bronze statue of characters. Cute.

The lands in the Parisian park are very clearly inspired by the Disneyland versions but grander. I found much of the park to be like that.

It all felt strangely familiar, yet still quite different.

Disneyland - Attractions:
Some of the attractions are familiar such as Star Tours - the second version is at the park.

Innoventions exists but it's nowhere near as good as the Disney World version in EPCOT - and to think they stripped out the Carousel of Progress for this!

The original Jungle Cruise is here - the order is slightly different, as are a few of the jokes but it's largely the same ride. The skipper I had at Disneyland was much better than any I had in Disney World though!

Other classics are also there:

As well as this unique gem which is no longer in Walt Disney World - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Some of the rides are familiar but very different such as Pirates of the Caribbean which is better than Florida's version, but not as good as Paris'.

Haunted Mansion was much better themed than the version in Florida from the outside but inside the two are almost identical.

it's a small world was different and of course has a much more elaborate building that in Florida - inside it was my favourite out of all the three versions I'd been on with Disney characters making the odd appearance.

Here's Bullseye and Jessie for example!

The Storybook Boats and Casey Jnr brought back fond memories of when I worked on those rides at Disneyland Paris. These versions were better though!

The teacups were very similar too!

Winnie the Pooh was almost 100% identical but explained the story better with a few extra scenes and a narration - plus I saw my first ever 3 minute wait time when I rode it!

Splash Mountain was shorter but you get a lot wetter!

Disneyland has several completely unique attractions too.

The Matterhorn is credited as the first steel tube coaster in the world (it's really rough).

The Submarine Voyage is also completely unique.

As you step aboard inside a submarine.

See - a submarine ride!

It was completely different to anything I'd been on before.

Whereas Disney World has a monorail to take you around outside the parks. One of the listed attractions of the park is the monorail.

You need a park ticket to access it because one stop is inside Disneyland Park, the other is in Downtown Disney.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye was by far the most impressive attraction in the park being a sort of simulator on wheels - for Disney World visitors think of DINOSAUR but in the World of Indiana Jones. So, so good!

You can even ride this ship during the day!

And go canoeing!

As well as distinctive attractions, Disneyland even has unique lands that have not been recreated anywhere else such as the stunning New Orleans Square land.

Which houses the very, very exclusive Club 33.

And the equally exclusive Dream Suite.

The Toontown Area no longer exists in Disney World so is unique to Disneyland now too. I liked its quirky style:

And even the new (for 2012) Fantasy Faire area

Which includes the Royal Theatre with regular shows throughout the day.

The whole park is very picturesque.

That's just a short snapshot if you want to hear about the crazy adventures we had such as VIP firework viewing, special fastpasses and conversations you don't usually have with cast members then make sure to read my full trip report here

Next: Read Part 2 where I discuss the parades, nighttime shows and food.


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