Fantastical 2 Review (for iPhone)

Fantastical is a paid-for calendar application for the iPhone designed to replace the built in iOS calendar app. Just a little under a week ago, the second version of the app was released keeping its best features whilst bringing some new elements in too. The app is a paid-for upgrade from the original Fantastical - to upgrade and purchase the app if you don't already own it you’ll need to visit the App Store and download the new app. Pricing is $4.99, but it is currently available for a limited time for just $2.99.

What I still love:

Smart sentence parsing
Smart sentence parsing - Unlike the built in Calendar app on your iPhone with Fantastical you don’t need to enter every single detail in different drop downs. Instead of typing the event name then selecting a start time, an end time and date, you can simply type “Lunch tomorrow at 1pm for 30 minutes” and it will figure everything out for you. You can also dictate into it. The smart sentence parsing feature has been improved in Fantastical 2.

Slick interface - Fantastical provides a great at a glance view of the week ahead.

Easy integration - Start it up and the app will grab all the calendars from your phone without you having to configure anything yourself.

New features:

The standard calendar view
iOS7 Redesign - Although the old app works just fine (but it’s not as snappy as this one) on iOS7, it was lacking the new design making the interface feel clunky. The redesign makes it feel much fresher and more of a part of the OS. The new light theme is a welcome addition too.

To do lists and reminders - You can now tell the app to add something to your to-do list or remind you of something later in the day. These will appear in-line with your calendar. Also grabs these from the built in reminder app.

Background updating - If you add things on Google calendar or any other app that sync on any device it will push the events to Fantastical 2 without you having to open it.

Event details - Now add a map to your events.

Birthdays and Facebook events - Pulled from Facebook.


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