Web of Links - Week 12

It's time for the weekly round-up of some the most interesting and thought provoking articles and websites I saw this week. This week find out a free way to learn languages, a defence of why not to wear a poppy and how to make money vlogging.

1. Duolingo  - Duolingo s a free way to learn languages - there's French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to learn from. It's a great free alternative to something like Rosetta Stone and surprisingly it is really effective. I have vastly improved my Spanish already having just used it for the past week. I can thoroughly recommend it!

2. Disney World Map - WDW Focus has created a " unofficial transportation map of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida" with details including ferry boats, buses, monorails and more. It's all done in the style of the London tube map too - genius!

3.  Grumpy cat at Disneyland - The perfect mishmash of pop culture.

4. Twitter introduces custom timelines - Get custom feeds of just those you want to follow.

5. ITV news presenter explains why she won't wear a poppy on air - Is it right, or is it wrong that this reporter wanted to be impartial and so decided not to wear a poppy around Remembrance Day 2013.

6. How to make money blogging and vlogging - The BBC investigated how some people are making a living out of their online presence.


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