Cast Member Spotlight - Ali Lamberski (Magic Kingdom Merchandise and Attractions)

Cast Member Spotlight - Ali Lamberski (Magic Kingdom Merchandise and Attractions)

Cast Member Spotlight is where we interview an ex- or current Cast Member about their job to find out what it's really like to work at the Disney theme parks.

Name: Ali Lamberski
Home Town: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hire Status: Ex-CP (College Program) and current cast member at the Disney store!
Role: Merchandise and attractions
Work Location: Formally Big Top Souvenirs and Fantasyland Attractions (Magic Kingdom)

What did your Merchandise and Attractions training consisting of?
My merchandise training took 2 weeks as part of it was learning to make food. My attractions training took a week and a half because my trainer called in [ill] on a day so we had to reschedule and I was stuck doing strollers for 3 days instead.

What did your day to day job consist of? (Attractions)
My day to day job was pretty easy. I'd start around 3pm and most times I would pull [be assigned] the carousel rotation so I would be [carousel] operator for a while and then move to a lot of stroller positions. Then when the other CPs would come I would start getting a lot of tasks (instead of being put into rotation) so I would walk around blowing bubbles with little kids and then at the end of the night I would be late closer so I would make sure everyone exited through Cinderella Castle. It could get pretty lonely just standing there by myself but I got to watch the electrical light parade so it wasn't all bad.

What did you enjoy most about your job?
My favorite part was when on all the CP's last day we all got to ride the carousel because it was going down for repairs. It was amazing to see everyone from fantasyland act like little kids again. It was the perfect way to end my program.

What was the worst thing about your job?
Probably when we would get yelled at by guests for moving their strollers even though there were signs that said you couldn't park there. Or when it rained and you had to clear everyone from the Philharmagic exits.

What magical moments did you perform and what was your favourite?
My absolute favorite was right as I was about to close the carousel, a child who was there as part of the Make a Wish Foundation and his family came running up trying to ride one last time before he went home. So, I showed him to Prince Charming's horse and he got to ride twice and his family were the only ones on the ride and he just had this look of pure joy on his face and it brought tears to my eyes.

What is your best guest memory?
My favorite was on gay pride day because everyone was so nice! I was actually having a rough time because my family had just left that morning so I was a bit upset and a man came up to me and said "you look like you need this" and gave me a big hug! He said 'thank you for working today and its really made this day truly wonderful for us'. It made me smile and feel better!

What is your best memory overall - whether with a guest or not?
One of my favorites was actually when I was in the Big Top kitchen (in New Fantasyland) and one of my friends had broke the faucet so the water wouldn't turn off and the hose was flying around spraying water. I was like a scene out of a movie! We even ending up getting a couple of coordinators wet so everyone was hysterical.

What have you learnt whilst working on the program / at Walt Disney World?
I've learned to be more independent and take more risks. I've also learned to not be afraid to put myself out there and try new things.

What was the hardest thing about the program?
The hardest thing about my program was leaving my family. My program started 2 and a half months after I turned 18 so I was really young. This was my first time away from home but I was really lucky because I had some really good people looking out for me.

What was the best thing about the program?
The best thing about my program was the people I worked with. In both my work locations I was really lucky because I was friends with the people I worked with so I really enjoyed working and never dreaded it.

Any funny guest stories?
A really funny guest story would have to be the time someone tried to ride his scooter through the wishes ropes which stopped guests from going into the fireworks fallout zone and then got upset when he fell over and tried to convince everyone it was our fault. I was laughing so hard.

Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand?
The one thing I wished I knew beforehand was how much free time I would have. On the website and in the interview you they tell you all the amazing things you can do, but what they don't tell you is that you don't get the time off to do them because you are working. 

Would you do the program again?
I would absolutely do the program again!


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