Web of Links - Week 13

It's time for the weekly round-up of some the most interesting and thought provoking articles, videos and websites I saw this week.

1. How long to nap for the biggest brain benefits - Supersize your sleeping habits with this article.

2. Ball Pit turns strangers into friends - A reminder that there still is some good in this world.

3. BlackFish Movie - Although I haven't watched the full movie myself, the trailer was enough to captivate me on the harsh realities of killer whales in captivity.

4. Questions To Which The Answer Is No - A hilarious Independent blog detailing questions and headlines in the news which don't need answering and to which the answer is always 'no'

5. This hectic time-lapse video of London will perk you up immediately - Pretty self-explanatory really.

6. 'When travelling in London town'  - This TfL ad reminded me of the Dr. Seuss books. Great stuff.


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