Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Accommodation Options

Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Accommodation Options

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So, you have your job offer and now it's time to get accommodation. During your interview you will be asked whether you require accommodation, I said yes. If you answer yes there are a few types of accommodation that may be offered to you depending on your contract.

If you have a CDD (fixed-term contract) you will be offered accommodation either in a Disney residence (Les Pleiades) or in partner accommodation. No matter which you are put in several matters apply: your accommodation price is fixed and includes all bills (excluding internet and phone), a fully furnished apartment and one roommate. The price at the moment is about 310 euros per month.

If you are put into Les Pleiades, these are studio flat style apartments with an open-plan layout where you share a room with someone else and have a kitchen and living area all in the same space, with the bathroom in a separate room.

It may be that another Disney-owned accommodation (La Boiserie) re-opens in the future as it was shut down a few years ago but Disney never told Cast Members why (some say it was for a refurbishment though).

Due to the limited amount of accommodation available in Les Pleiades, Cast who are not staying there are instead offered accommodation in a partner "aparthotel" with similar facilities to Les Pleiades- these also require sharing a bedroom and usually will be for between 2-6 people in total in the apartment depending on the number of bedrooms.

If you have a CDI (permanent contract) Disney unfortunately no longer offers accommodation to these Cast Members. They used to offer CDI's accommodation until recently when they had two Disney-owned places of accommodation (Les Pleiades and La Boiserie); now that there is only one Disney owned accommodation you have more limited options.

Disney will however offer you help with finding housing as this can be a troublesome job. You can ask for the email address of someone from the housing team and they will explain what options you have. In my particular case I have been offered accommodation in the Residetapes residences. Really annoyingly their website hasn't been working for the last week but from what i have seen they seem nice. These are 20m2 apartments which are purely for yourself (you have no roommates) and they are all located in Val d'Europe meaning you have the option of the RER as well as the bus which is incredibly convenient considering how irregular the buses can be at certain times of the day. From what I have been told and read online these Residetapes are full of Cast Members in almost every apartment so it should be fairly easy to meet people whilst also having the privacy of your own apartment. They are expensive at around 570 euros per month though you can apply for l'APL which is a government subsidy, in my case this will bring the cost down to around 400 euros per month which is still more expensive than the Disney residences but then again you have more space so it's a trade off. I will try and write a post about applying for this later when I actually move in.

In the past they also have had links with other residences too, so it may be that you are offered one of those. I will report back when I find out where I am living - hopefully soon.

If Disney cannot find you accommodation they will usually offer to accommodate you in their residences/partner accommodation until you have a place to stay.

NEW: Want more detail? Download my book about my 16 months spent living and working at Disneyland Paris now on Amazon. Get the full inside scoop on my time as a Disneyland Paris Cast Member.


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