Turning digital photos into lasting memories

Turning digital photos into lasting memories

After getting back from my trip to the USA a few weeks ago, I was astonished by the amount of photos I had taken - over 2,000 in just two weeks. I had to do something with these.

Something I always like to do when I get back is to immortalise these photos in print form. Nowadays, we are used to being able to take photos at will digitally without needing to worry about ending camera film, making sure it is put in correctly and wound up, or that a wasted photo will cost us when we finally get the pictures processed. Nowadays we happily snap away care-free but then we have a tendency to forget that these photos exist.

That is what is missing: the physical print versions of these photos to look at. Snapfish is one of the services I had previously used to do this, and this time I wanted more than just prints and check out what they had to offer. Here is a look at what I got and how they turned out.

Standard and Collage Prints
The standard prints look brilliant as per usual and the colours really pop on these which is great; and the collage prints are a first-time buy for me and I really like them - the let you have multiple photos in one easy to frame image and the web interface even lets you shuffle the order of the photos until you get these just right. I haven't managed to get a photo in but I can assure you these look great.

One Canvas Print

The canvas print is definitely my favourite buy this time, I went for the xx" X xx" size what is small enough to not take up too much room on my wall but big enough to make a permanent impact. Next time, I'd go for something even bigger as these really do look fantastic. You do look a bit of the image as it is stretched over the sides though, so be sure to leave a margin.

One iPhone 6S phone cover

Finally, there is the iPhone cover. Although it serves its purpose, it is my least favourite of the items in this order. It serves its purpose just fine - it does indeed protect the phone which has already taken a few hard knocks over the past month or so, but the actual quality of the printing is not as good as the other snapfish products.

I suspect this has a lot to do with how difficult it must be to print directly onto the plastic surface. Furthermore, the 'lip' at the bottom of the case which allows room for the speaker grill, charging port and headphone jack, is sharp and can be painful while holding the phone. This might be me obsessing over details though as anyone who has seen the case has been very impressed by it.


There you go - my honest appraisal of all the Snapfish items I bought. In summary, I would definitely recommend the standard, collage and canvas prints, but I'd give the phone case a miss.

Disclosure: Snapfish UK provided me with a credit for this order in return for this blog post.


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