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August EP614 Sports Earphones Review

August EP614 Sports Earphones Review The guys at iDaffodil/August have very kindle provided me with yet another audio product to review. In general, I have been very impressed with the value for money of these products. Check out my reviews of they DAB clock radio and their small wireless speaker . This time I am reviewing the EP614 Bluetooth Sport Wireless Earphones. You can also get these direct from iDaffodil. I was provided with the model with a white cord, though there are others available with black and red cords. A micro USB cable is provided, as are several sizes of silicone ear-tips. These are priced at £17. Design and Features: The over-the-ear design is perfect for sport and means that I couldn't find a way to knock them out of place. The headphones come with a remote on them with which you can control music playback (pause and play) and skip forward and back a song. Long pressing the skip forward and back buttons also allows you to adjust the volume. As

Review: August DAB Clock Radio Review (MB415)

Review: August DAB Clock Radio Review (MB415) This is a review of the August MB315B DAB Clock Radio. I was provided with the radio for free in exchange for this review and another on Amazon's website. Visuals and Design: The packaging leaves a lot to be desired as can be seen below. When I reviewed another August speaker product last year, I complained about how the packaging devalues the item. Here, I feel the same once again. It is certainly a huge improvement on what I saw last time, but it makes the product look cheap! First of all, the radio comes in two colours - Black and White. Once unpacked, aesthetically, this is quite a simple but elegant design. There is nothing here that screams modern radio, and high-technology but this piece of equipment well fit well in the home and is packed full of features. The radio feels well-made for the price point it is in, and even comes with a lovely carry handle integrated into the design. Inside the box you'll find th