London: The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs (Attractions)

London: The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs (Attractions)

Source: London Tombs
Nearest Station: London Bridge
Address: 2 Tooley Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 2SY
Entry price: Adults – £24, Children (5 to 15) – £18
Typical opening hours: Daily from 10:00 to 17:00, with a late closing on weekends at 18:00. Summer season results in later closings, which vary day by day. Closed 25th and 26th December.
Phone: 0207 403 6333
Tickets: Save time and money by booking in advance through Attractiontix here.

These two attractions take you back through London’s horrible histories. The “London Bridge Experience” section of the tour is the more educational section, with live guides covering the history of London Bridge itself, ghosts, prisons, war, the Great Fire of London, and Jack the Ripper.

Then, through a vortex, you are transported to the “London Tombs” section, which is an altogether different experience. This is more like a horror maze type experience where the learning stops and the fear seems to never end as live actors make your experience one to remember.

Occasionally after hours’ events are also offered. These are designed to be even more terrifying than the daytime shows.

Audio guides are available for international visitors to aid them with understanding the historical part of the attraction.

Is the London Bridge Experience / London Tombs scarier than London Dungeon?
Compared to the London Dungeon, this is a much less family-friendly experience once you enter the Tombs section. It is much more like a traditional haunted house style attraction in the second part. 

The first Experience section is educational, however. Overall, we do not recommend this attraction for young children.


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