London: Free Neighbourhood Guides - Area by Area

London: Free Neighbourhood Guides - Area by Area

London is split up into 32 boroughs, plus The City of London area in the centre. We think that the listing of boroughs, however, is a bit of an arcane way to look at London when visiting it.

Instead, we have split the main areas in the centre of London into neighbourhoods. These are:
Below is a very simple diagram of where these different areas are located in central London.

Each of these areas is unique in character, from areas filled with art galleries and theatres, to residential areas. All of them are worth exploring.

We highly recommend you begin your trip planning by reading through all of this section and bookmarking the attractions you would like to see and the restaurants you would like to eat in. We also list accommodation options for each area allowing you to choose somewhere that fits your taste and budget best.

Concession prices listed in this section usually apply to over 60s or over 65s (proof may be requested), and students on production of a valid student ID. 

Attraction opening times are pretty standard year-round but you should be especially wary of opening times from 24th to 26th December, and on 31st December and 1st January. Some locations do not open at all on these dates, and others operate restricted opening hours. Some locations may also not open on bank holidays or fixed days each week.

We also list the closest underground station to each listing. Where there are multiple listings for the nearest station, the first listed is the closest and/or most convenient to the attraction.

Note that reviews in this section are opinions, and not facts. Your mileage may vary with attractions, accommodation and dining locations.

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