London: London Overground and DLR (Docklands Light Railway) - Public Transport

London: Public Transport - London Overground and DLR (Docklands Light Railway)

London Overground

The London Overground is managed by Transport for London and works in a very similar manner to the London Underground. Its routes are featured on the Underground map and should be treated the same as any underground line, except that these run above the surface. Most visitors to London will not use the Overground as it is mainly an orbital railway linking London’s suburbs.

Docklands Light Railway

What is the DLR and where does the DLR go?
The Docklands Light Railway is a light rail system connecting the east of London and parts of central London. The trains are all computer operated and provide some great views of Canary Wharf along the way (one of London’s banking districts). If you are visiting Stratford (for the shopping centre and the Olympic Park), Greenwich (for the Cutty Sark, the museums and the observatory), Bank and Tower Hill (for the Tower of London), then the DLR is an efficient and pleasant way to travel.

How do I pay for the DLR?
Oyster Cards, contactless payment cards and paper tickets work in the same way on both the Overground and DLR as they do on the London Underground. One thing to be aware of is that on both the Overground and the DLR, many stations do not have ticket barriers and instead have standalone card readers on the platforms or by station entrances – remember to tap your Oyster Card or contactless payment card before you board a train in order to pay the correct fare and to avoid a fine.

Accessibility on the DLR and Overground

A good number of the Overground stations are accessible to wheelchair users. All DLR stations are fully accessible to wheelchair users from the street to the train.

Wi-Fi on the Overground

Over 70 Overground stations provide Wi-Fi access. As with the London Underground, Wi-Fi on the Overground is not available on the trains, but merely at the stations themselves. Access is free to everyone, provided by The Cloud. The DLR does not offer Wi-Fi access but, as it is mostly overground, you should be able to use your mobile phone's signal for most of your journey.

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