London: Public Transport - Travelcards

London: Public Transport - Travelcards

Source: TfL
A Travelcard is a 1-day, 7-day, 1-month or annual ticket which allows you unlimited travel on London Underground services, London buses, trams, National Rail services, the Overground and the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) during its validity.

You can buy the Travelcard for as many zones as you like – if you will be sticking to central London, then a zone 1 and zone 2 Travelcard is sufficient.

The 1-day Travelcard is a paper ticket. The 7-day, 1-month and longer Travelcards are added to an Oyster Card; they are not available in paper. Please remember to factor in the £5 refundable deposit necessary when buying a new Oyster Card.

A Travelcard runs for 7 consecutive days or a full month from the day of purchase – not a calendar week or a calendar month. For example, a 7-day travel bought on a Tuesday is valid until next Monday night.

The monthly Travelcard works similarly - it runs full month from the purchase date, not a calendar month. E.g. If you buy a monthly travelcard on 17th March, it will expire on 16th April at midnight. The period of validity starts immediately at the time of purchase.

Travelcard Pricing
• Zone 1 to 2 – £12.30 per day, £33 for a week
• Zones 1 to 3 – £12.30 per day, £38.70 for a week
• Zones 1 to 4 – £12.30 per day, £47.30 for a week

Other options are available for additional zones. Travelcards can be bought at any London Underground ticket machine.

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