London: Save Money on Transport

London: Save Money on Transport

If using public transport within London, get an Oyster Card or use a contactless payments for the best value. Getting a day pass (a Travelcard) is a more expensive option.

If you are only staying in central London, consider travelling by bus only instead of the Undergound. This way, the most you will ever spend on transport is £4.50 per day. 

Underground travel and bus travel combined for the day will cost a maximum of £6.60, so if you are on a tight budget you can save £2.10 per day by only using London's buses - and for many journeys within central London this makes a lot of sense instead of spending all that time heading down to the underground - buses are also (generally speaking) more pleasant at rush house than the tube and 

If you were planning on using taxis a lot, these are expensive in the city. To save money, use the Underground or buses instead. Or if you want a bit of extra privacy, ride-sharing service Uber is a cheaper alternative to the black London cabs. 

Even cheaper than the underground is to cycle/bike around the city - Santander Cycle Hire scheme is a bargain at only £2 for the whole day with unlimited travel.

The cheapest solution, of course, is to forego London's transport system and walk - if you are fit and healthy it is a fantastic way to see the city and it costs nothing!

If you want the opposite and to see what it is like to spend a lot of money on travel, try driving in London!

See many other London money saving tips or take a look at our full, free guide to London.


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