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Group Interview at Apple UK

I recently set out on a venture to work at Apple and to my first job interview ever. I walked past the store twice before finally venturing in. . I got to the end of the Apple Store and told a member of staff in an orange shirt that I had an interview. They searched for my name tag (just my name on a sticker) and she  looked up my name on the store's iPhone, asked for my number and took a photo. I am guessing this will be used later on in the recruitment process when deciding if I will get through or not. I sat down and waited for the others to arrive, surely enough over the course of the next 10 minutes people slowly started to drag themselves in. It was clear that I was one of the youngest there but another two candidates were also the same age as me. We also stood and sat around almost silently and staff kept on telling us that we could in fact speak to each other - no-one did. Although me and two girls did have a short chat before it went all quiet. 3 minutes late, the inte