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Navigon for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone Navigon is a reputable name in the satellite navigation industry and has always produced some of the most reliable systems; they have now decided to port their navigation software to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  First experience and Features: To make this a fair review and to test user experience I decided that I wouldn't even open up the application until I was in the car. Clicking the navigon button on the home screen launches the app and in a very impressive 7 seconds you are at the main menu screen. The main menu screen is very simple (which is a good thing in a navigation app) and displays 4 main options - enter an address, search for POI, take me home and show map. As with the whole of the app - this can be viewed in vertical and horizontal mode. Enter an address - After pressing this button you are shown a screen which allows you to click a flag in the top right corner (for versions of the app

Google Streetview to expand outside streets

A job posting on the UK government run website "Directgov Jobs" reveals that Google needs an employee in Bristol who "enjoy[s] riding bicycles but also be aware that some heavy lifting and physical labour will be required." This is for the google trikes which are already going around the UK capturing even more intimate pictures of the UK. Personally I think this is fantastic news and hopefully this will mean that Google will continue to map all the UK's non car accessible places and landmarks. The pay for the job is interestingly above minimum wage at £7.00 an hour plus expenses. A rather humourous word of warning is present for potential applicants: "Please be aware you will be driving a vehicle which is strange in appearance in public places and will attract a lot of attention"