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O2 Network Down in East and North London, and surrounding areas

O2 has revealed that their network has been down all day, today Tuesday, 17th May 2011 causing millions of customers to be without voice, SMS service and data. The reason behind the downtime is theft and vandalism at an East London operations site, causing customers in East and North London, Essex and Sussex to lose contact with the outside world. O2 says engineers are working on the issue replacing equipment and that the network should be back up at some point today. O2 will not be offering compensation to any customers as "the nature of mobile services means that it is not possible for operators to derive which customers may or may not have used their mobiles in an affected area" as well as restating that they spend £1million a day maintaining the network. There's more information on O2's blog post. Having experienced this myself first hand, it is not pleasant - an iPhone without calls, let alone data is next to useless as far as keeping me updated with t

Monetising the Kindle Market - Making money with Amazon's Kindle with blogs

I've lately been experimenting with a somewhat new business model of the Kindle, the ereader device from Amazon. As well as being able to publish your own books of the platform and keep 70% of the sales price, you are also able to sell blog feeds. These are either priced at 99p or £1.99. This means if you own a popular blog you can get subscribers to pay you 99p a month and they will get every new post delivered to their Kindle, wherever they are in the world. I have my own blog that does this relating to the kindle itself meaning that every person who is on the store is part of my target market, I also found a niche in the market and am the only blog that provides certain things. Couple this with amazon associates links, offer an email subscribe option, and now anytime anyone buys one of my recommendations I get a small percentage, including when someone buys a Kindle. The only downsides are that Amazon keeps 70% of blog subscription prices meaning earnings are just 29p a mo