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Fitness | Winter 2015 Bulk and Review

Fitness | Winter 2015 Bulk and Review My latest fitness journey began in October 2015 with the start of my winter bulk. For the non-fitness-minded, a 'bulk' is where you eat as much as you can and left as heavy as you can, to increase your muscle mass. A 'cut' is where you reduce your calorific intake to reduce the amount of fat to lean out, but keep the same muscle mass, giving you that 'beach body' look. Why bulk now? It is the perfect time to bulk. I quit my job at Disney and I moved back to London. I now work for myself five days a week, and do a bit of guiding on the side on the weekends. Since being back I have managed to get into a regular 3-day-a-week split and more importantly my nutrition is back on track. My lifts are now the highest they have ever been and I have hit some fantastic PRs. In France my motivation, nutrition and lifts had gone down the drain and I lost a tremendous amount of strength, but i have now managed to more