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WDW ICP Summer 2013 - Face to Face interview

I'd made it through the preliminary interviews which was all very exciting and surprising and now it was time to move on to the big one - the Face to Face interview. The interview was held at The Walt Disney Company's headquarters in Hammersmith, London which I was super-excited about seeing. I arrived in Hammersmith at 8:20 and met my friend Joe from uni who was also interviewing, we went for a hot chocolate/breakfast at Costa coffee and then at about 8:45 we rocked up at the front doors of the offices...only to be told we had to walk all the way round to the back of the offices. To those who need to do this (you most likely will) from the front of the offices, turn right and go into the shopping mall, walk down and then turn right and go past Costa keep walking to the escalators in front of you, turn left and walk to McDonalds and just before McD's take a right through the doors, walk all the way up this ramp to the bus station. Turn right and it's the building th

My Walt Disney World Preliminary Pre-Screening Interview Process

So, I finally did it...following on from my adventures at Disneyland Paris, I decided that the wise thing to do would be to take it one step further and apply to work in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I filled out the application on and waited, and waited and finally I received an email inviting me to a pre-screening interview. This seems to be a relatively new way of doing things, as unlike last year YJ is no longer doing phone interviews and is interviewing people in groups instead. I absolutely hate group interviews, after a terrible experience at Apple as I feel under more pressure and start comparing the way I'm answering things to the way others are answering them and it just messes me up. Anyway, so the day started off with me getting up at 6AM to get the 7:12 train from Leeds to Manchester, arriving just after 8am. I was going with a Uni friend Joe. I arrived at the station to realise that I hadn't read the email properly - including