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Disneyland Paris Interview Questions, the process, details and more - my experience

NEW : Download my book about 16 months spent living and working at Disneyland Paris now on  Amazon . I recently attended an interview for Disneyland Paris for one of the maintenance roles, not performing. So things such as working the shops, ticketing, hotels, guest flow, rides, etc. The interview was in London and in total I'd say there were around 40 people there. We started off in the reception area where everyone was sitting silently which was very un-Disney-like and I sat in silence for about 10 minutes. We were then called into another room with chairs and a projector and sat down, being given an application form on the way in, all with a nice Disney background on the sheet. We watched an intro video and were then given a quiz as an audience answering various questions about the Walt Disney Company and some prizes were given out; I got a Vinylmation (go me!) for answering almost all the questions :D (well, I do know my Disney stuff). Then we continued watching the v

Lovefilm and the film industry - formats, DVDs and the Lovefilm player

I'm now a member of Lovefilm and get unlimited games and DVD rentals of 3 disks at a time for under £20 a month. This also includes a relatively new addition would is the Lovefilm player. On the more expensive packages you get unlimited streaming of a selection of films and Tv shows. On the cheaper packages you are limited to a certain number of hours. Lovefilm's DVD rental service has 10,000s of different DVDs. The problem is that their streaming service has just 4000 items. I've watched Coco before Chanel, How to rob a bank and a few other movies instantly as I await for first DVD. Sounds great and it is. Here is where my problem comes in though, the selection - 4000 items?! It is very frustrating seeing that I can rent a DVD at zero cost such as Tron Legacy, yet if I want to stream the same film online it would cost me £3.49. In fact the only films included in the free streaming player are older films. Why?! Why is it acceptable for me to get a DvD via the mail f

Orange RockCorps Volunteering

On Saturday I decided to make use of the opportunity to get a free concert ticket in exchange for 4 hours of volunteering. It was fun, exhausting and very rewarding. The project I had selected was painting at Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Me and my friend arrived and we immediately noticed a big orange rock corps tent with music blaring out. It was hot as well, like 25 degree hot. After registration and an ice-breaker activity which involved us trying to untangle a giant know formed by picking a random strangers hand. It was fun and I started to notice that the age of the volunteers really did vary, although I am sure the website said up to 25 years old I think there were a few people in their late twenties there to get free tickets. Though I am a bad judge of age, so sorry if you were all under 25! We got painting dog kennels in groups of four and these were not little dog kennels, in fact they were more like box rooms in a house. And we had about 3 hours left to paint four of