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Web of Links: Week 10

After a length five month hiatus including exams, travelling and restarting uni Web of Links is finally making a comeback. It'ss my weekly round-up of the most entertaining, curious, controversial and interesting things I've come across this week. 1. The Obituaries Writer - The Independent had a really interesting piece this week on the life of an obituary writer, the people who right about people's lives in a reminiscing manner before they actually die. It's an interesting insight. 2. Ten ways you know you're a Disney Cast Member - Having just completed my Disney College Program at Disney World a few months ago these are all still very pertinent to me. 3.  Pennies for school - One girl called Ana has been accepted into her dream school and is asking everyone to send her just one penny in the post to help pay for the costs of tuition in the US. An interesting idea. 4. "Under Mickey" Disney/Star Wars Parody - This year Knotts Berry Farm&#

JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones / Earphones Review

Following the popularity of my previous review of the  Sennheiser CX 300-II  earphones, this week I'm reviewing another pair of "value" headphones - the   JVC HAFX1X earphones. I'll admit I'm not a huge expert on reviewing earphones but I certainly know what sounds good, as well as whether they are worth the price. Packaging: There's no denying that JVC have done a good job packaging these headphones to look good on a shop shelf - the disadvantage of this tight packaging is that the material it is made from is very hard to get into and will take you a while, so be prepared to fight with the packaging to get to the earphones themselves. Once you do get through the packaging you'll notice the earphones come with a carry case with big "XX" branding, as well as several sized earbuds for the perfect fit. Design: Despite what JVC may say the design of these earphones has clearly been inspired by the renowned Dr. Dre Beats with the red wire,

Best Moments of Summer 2013 (and being a Cast Member)

My time in the US this summer was filled with delights and life-changing experiences; today I want to shed a light on the moments that I remember as being the best this summer - those that will stick with me. If you want to read more about any of these moments then you can click through to that particular blog post.

Web of Links: Week 9

After a length five month hiatus including exams, travelling and restarting uni Web of Links is finally making a comeback. It'ss my weekly round-up of the most entertaining, curious, controversial and interesting things I've come across this week. 1.  10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans - An eye opening look at how different the two cultures really are. 2.  10 Things That Americans Don’t Realize are Offensive to Brits - The same thing as above but reversed. Absolutely hilarious but so, so true. 3.  AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Will Transport, Transform Guests   - After initially being hugely skeptical, Disney's revelation of what the new Avatar area in Animal Kingdom will look like blew me away. 4.  Eurostar confirms launch of London – Amsterdam services in December 2016  - Great news for Londoners looking to go even further by train, the best way of travelling. 5. Runaway Jane  - A great example of what a niche blogger can do. J

20 things that should be in iOS 8

Although iOS has matured over the years with features being added every time a new version is released, there’s always more that can be done. As other operating systems such as Windows Phone and Android expand their feature set it would be unwise for Apple to be content and not expand its feature-set. iOS, released last month, brought with it dozens of new features as well as a re-designed (undoubtedly Windows Phone Inspired) interface. Looking ahead there is still room for improvement so here are my most requested features for iOS8. Text pop ups - Replying to texts should be done as a popup on top of the app you’re currently using - you shouldn’t have to switch apps to do it. Natural calendar speak - Instead of having to enter an event title, date, and a start and end time it’d be great it you could just type in “lunch with mum tomorrow at 2” and the event would be added to your calendar - kind of how “ Fantastical ” works for the iPhone. Close all apps - Instead of flick

8 Free Things to do in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World  is no doubt an expensive place to visit - once you've factored in the price of getting there, staying in a hotel, park tickets, food and merchandise it will more than likely be a trip that will be in the thousands of dollars in terms of cost. Once you've paid for the basics there are many more experiences that Disney offers to enhance your visit - whether it's dinner in the castle with princesses, championship golfing or spa treatments, these are all extra experiences that come at a premium price. However, there's no need to feel pressured into paying for these extra experiences - there are so many free things you can do that will enhance your trip without spending a single cent. All the items in the list are accessible to everyone - there is no cost at all as they are all located outside the theme parks. 1. Visit the resort hotels This was one idea that I initially discounted - why would you want to visit a resort ? How will that add to your vac