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Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 3

Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 3 As we continue our tour around Europa Park, here we take a look at some unique dining concepts and attractions. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this Europa Park trip report if you haven't yet seen those. Russia: Attractions in this area include a Russian Handcraft walkthrough which we didn't see,  ' Sleigh Ride Snowflake ' which is a winter themed ride which I only know about because I've retrospectively looked at the map, and  Mir Space Station which is a space-themed walkthrough. The main reason for going to this area, however, is for yet another rollercoaster - Euro-Mir . Again, techno music fills the air as you go up a rotating lift hill that very much resembles Eurosat in the French area of the park. It is outside, however, that the experience changes as your cars spin constantly over the edge and spiral round the buildings in a somewhat unnerving fashion until you start dropping at high speed. It was an alrig

Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 2

Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 2 In the Part 1 of this Europa Park Trip Report I took a look at getting to the park, accommodation, and the attractions in the French pavilion. Part 2 here takes a look at more of the parks attractions and my impressions of them. Germany: The German area is the entrance of the park. We didn't even realise this area existed until the middle of our second day in the park, and we only saw it then by looking at the map. There are no huge attractions in this area, but it does contain a major restaurant and some picturesque gardens . The fountains in the garden move in time with the music every 30 minutes. I was expecting something a bit more dramatic than what I actually saw from these fountains. They are more of a background animation than something you would seek out to watch. The area does, however, contains a lot of seating to relax in and several sun loungers. There are some rides for really young children in this area of the