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How to provide good customer service

How to provide good customer service As long time readers will know, I do like to let people know when I have received good customer service as I am very happy to shout about companies that I feel deserve your business. Previous posts include my experiences with Lexmark UK , Amazon UK and Apple . Today two of those companies make a comeback with more positive experiences, as well as a new service. 1. TransferWise This is a new service I have been tested out in order to get Euros converted into Pounds. Usually if you transfer money directly between two international accounts in two different currencies, there will be a fee for sending, an exchange rate fee and a fee for receiving. It is even worse if you are depositing a Euro cheque into a UK bank account, as the banks then want a set fee for the service, an exchange rate fee plus postage for the cheque. Using Transferwise you can minimise these fees, I believe my fee was 0.5% total plus a card payment fee. In total I man

Turning digital photos into lasting memories

Turning digital photos into lasting memories After getting back from my trip to the USA a few weeks ago, I was astonished by the amount of photos I had taken - over 2,000 in just two weeks. I had to do something with these. Something I always like to do when I get back is to immortalise these photos in print form. Nowadays, we are used to being able to take photos at will digitally without needing to worry about ending camera film, making sure it is put in correctly and wound up, or that a wasted photo will cost us when we finally get the pictures processed. Nowadays we happily snap away care-free but then we have a tendency to forget that these photos exist. That is what is missing: the physical print versions of these photos to look at. Snapfish is one of the services I had previously used to do this, and this time I wanted more than just prints and check out what they had to offer. Here is a look at what I got and how they turned out. Standard and Collage Prints The stand

Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 315 to Day 480 - It all comes to an end...

Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 315 to Day 480 - It all comes to an end... NEW : Download my book about my 16 months spent living and working at Disneyland Paris now on  Amazon Kindle . First of all, apologies for the lack of updates on the working at Disneyland Paris front. I do realise my previous post was almost six months ago but a lot of things have happened. If you want to read about my experience from the beginning, you should check out this post . Here we go: Moved to Pirates permanently: In my last post , I talked about how I had become an official Pirate of the Caribbean. After passing all the required tests to work on the attraction, I started working on both rides - two days a week at Indiana Jones and two days a week at Pirates. This was the perfect split in terms of keeping me busy as I never got bored of just working on one ride. As the weeks progressed, however, my health started to take a turn for the worse and after numerous doctor visits it was clear that c