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Web of Links: Week 1

I thought I'd try something new this week, and hopefully this will become an on-going series. I've called it "Web of Links" and I'll be posting some of the most interesting articles I've come across over the past week or so. Most of these will be related to technology, theme park, health or travel stuff, so if you're not a fan of those then this may not be for you. on: Activision has posted a video of a computer-generated head that's "so real, it's uncanny" An example of what a live-action 3D Pokemon film could look like . Tracking your life with fitness bands . Just noticed this week that you can get a 3 Terrabyte external hard drive for under £100 - wow! Blackberry's not doing too baddly - They have already sold 1 million  units of their newly released Z10 smartphone. 4G now available to 50% of the UK with EE. But beware the 50% of places only includes major cities and in the city centre, they call

Best Travel and Transport iPhone and iPad Apps for Londoners 2013 edition

Visiting the capital? You'll want to take a look at this round-up. Incredibly it was been three and a half years since my  last post on this subject, so it's only suitable to update you on what new apps have emerged and which have stood the test of time. The iPad wasn't even available back then so there's so helpful tips relating to those apps too. London Tube Deluxe  (£0.69)  - This (renamed) application is STILL the best transport app around for London. The developer has kept it up to date with new map releases which is always reassuring going forward. He has also integrated all of London transport into one app, so this now covers all TfL services but with a particular focus on the underground system and buses. There is both an iPhone and iPad version available.  It gives you live status updates (including via Push Notifications if you enable the feature), station closures and service messages, several hi-res tube maps, journey planning (this only works when c

Disney World ICP - March Update

It's now less than 3 months until I'll be jetting off to work at the Walt Disney World resort and there have been a few updates over the last month. First of all, I and Jack Chandler have decided that we'll be traveling together as it's always great to have a travel buddy with you. Whilst I'm spending an extra week in Florida with my family, he'll be checking out Washington DC! Then we're going to meet in New York and spend a few days there as planned, fly over to LA together and then hopefully visit Disneyland and do a few more bits of sightseeing. I wish I could visit San Francisco whilst in Los Angeles as it's only an hour's flight away but I just can't stay any longer in the US due to have a 3-week radio work experience placement immediately after back in the UK. Yummy Jobs has sent us an email about travel insurance which I'm going to look at more closely next week when it's my Easter holidays. We've also got an email s