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Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - May Update (Housing, Sim Cards, The Contract and more)

Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - May Update (Housing, Sim Cards, The Contract and more) NEW : Want more detail? Download my book about my 16 months spent living and working at Disneyland Paris now on  Amazon . Get the full inside scoop on my time as a Disneyland Paris Cast Member. Today is May 15th and it's 22 days until I leave for Disneyland Paris, arriving on June 6th 2014. The Disneyland Paris work Contract: I got my contract i the post in the last week of April (so about 2 weeks after my job offer) and then sent it back at the beginning of May. I haven't received a confirmation of its arrival yet but one can only assume it has. I emailed them about this yesterday. The thing with the contract is to remember to initial every page and to sign the last page, as well as writing "lu et approuvĂ©" on the last page by the signature. Without this the contract isn't valid. There was also a sheet about the internal computer regulations which I didn't have

Bucket List for my next visit to Walt Disney World

Bucket List for my next visit to Walt Disney World Despite having spent two and a half months in Walt Disney World working, I still didn't have a chance to do everything which was on my original bucket list for summer 2013. Yes, I did a lot of things and had some incredible experiences but next time I'd like to take my trip to a new level. There are things on this list that I didn't get round to doing last time I was there and things I didn't even know about before setting off for my first trip. It may be a few years until I return so here's what I'm looking forward to doing next time: Get portrait drawn in New Orleans Square Meet more Disney characters - have extended interactions with them Visit all Disney resort hotels (I did most, but not all!). I still need to visit All Star Movies, All Star Sports, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans: French Quarter, Port Orleans: River Side, Bay Lake Tower, Old Key West Resort, Treehouse Villas, Wilderness Lodge Villa

Customer service done right

Customer service done right We all know that products fail, they have their defects and things start to wear out. However, what I don't expect is for the charger on a £1000 laptop to start to fail. The problem: About six months ago the charger on my Macbook Air started to fray, or split, at the end nearest to the charging port. I love my Macbook Air - I've had it for just under two years and it's running as it did on day one, it's light and it's a work of art. The problem I've always had with Apple is their charging cables - they are known for splitting through normal everyday wear and this problem ranges from their iPhones and iPads right through to their Macbook Air chargers it seems. This is not ideal for anyone concerned, but as long as it is dealt with correctly I have no issues with it. About six months ago I noticed the cable fraying and I put a special cable-holding putty on it (given to me by a housemate but apparently not on the market yet). Thi

Disney's California Adventure Photo Trip Report (Including Cars Land)

Disney's California Adventure Photo Trip Report (Including Cars Land) In Summer 2013, I visited Disney California Adventure Park for the first time. Here's my photo trip report. I ended up going back and forth between DCA and Disneyland as its just a minute walk between the two. This allowed me to easily compare and contrast the two parks. DCA is a relatively new park, having opened in 2001. It was regarded as a bit of a flop, and from 2007 to 2012, the Park went through a mass re-theme and expansion. The re-design began from the entrance which is hugely reminiscent of the one in Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. I'm afraid that the excitement of visiting this park must have got the better of me, but I never got a photo of Buena Vista Street as you come in. Wikipedia describes this as an "immersive recreation of early 1920s Los Angeles when Walt Disney first arrived with Mission and Art Deco facades housing shops and restaurants". I