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ITV and C4 On-demand come to PS3

For years, the Playstation 3 has wanted to be the hub of your living room experience - offering Blu Ray and DVD playback, web browsing, TV tuning and recording, and of course video gaming. More recently however, the proliferation of on-demand television has led to BBC iPlayer being available on games consoles, including the PS3 since 2009. This morning, ITV Player and 4 On Demand (4OD) also made an appearance on the console. Access: All three service are accessed through the cross-media bar (XMB) interface by scrolling to the TV section and then selecting the service you want. Each icon to a service is essentially a glorified link which opens up the web browser, meaning that these are not in fact apps native on the console itself. NB: Going to allows you to access the Demand Five service, meaning that all five terrestrial channels now have PS3-accessible websites. Making these websites and not native apps means that they can be updated at any time and ins