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Getting a job in the UK - at 18 years old

So, today I want to talk to you about getting a job in the UK at the age of 18 - more specifically in London. It is nigh on impossible. And it's not just me, I know, because A LOT of people I know are having issues in getting a job. So, what seems to be the issue - experience and over-qualification. Stores I have applied for include: Next, Disney Store, Apple Store, Stormfront, Primark, Currys, PC World, Asda, Tesco, summer camps and Disneyland Paris. Sainsburys never have any job offers availble online when I check. What worries me is the sheer rudeness of most of these companies: Next didn't take me to interview and based what I knew on a questionnaire, the Disney Store did not reply to my CV even with a rejection -I called them and they said they would look through the applications as they hadn't had a chance, they enver repled. The Apple Store took me to interview which is fair enough (there's a post on this blog about that interview) and said they'd get bac