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Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 4

Europa Park Trip Report - April 2015 - Part 4 Continuing our tour of Europa Park we come to look at a few more of the park's lands, then find out what I thought of the park more generally. Grimm's Enchanted Forest This cute area has no major attractions per se and instead is just a series of interactive exhibits. For most of them you press a button and then characters will put on a little show for a few seconds or a minute or show. These are all themed to fairytales from the Brother's Grimm. There is the Grimm's Library attraction in this area (which I did not experience), as well as a couple of smaller rides for kids. This area is one of the most dated feeling, probably due to how basic the character motions are. However, it is a few of these small interactive elements that would be cool throughout the Disney parks. Minimoy's Kingdom This is the newest area of the park and is based on the Arthur and the Minimonys (Invisibles) films. I had vaguely hea