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Cast Member Spotlight - Eilidh McMillan (Custodial Hostess)

Cast Member Spotlight - Eilidh McMillan (Custodial Hostess) Name : Eilidh McMillan Home town : Glasgow, UK Hire Status : ICP Role : Custodial Hostess Work Location : Blizzard Beach What did your training consisting of?  There was obviously a lot of emphasis on cleaning cause that is the main part of the job. A biiiig emphasis on the process of cleaning up blood and vomit which was a bit scary and intense but you got used to it. Telling us the chemicals we'd be using, showing us the trash cans of Disney (I have to admit, I am a huge loser and really love the different designs of the trash cans of Disney so I kind of enjoyed that bit). There was then a lot of talk about how to create magical moments for guests and how we should basically be walking information booths! What did your day to day job consist of?  Keeping the area of the park I was assigned clean, doing trash runs, picking rubbish, talking to guests, giving them information and just being a helpful, che

Cast Member Spotlight - Jack Chandler (Full Service Food and Beverage)

Cast Member Spotlight - Jack Chandler (Full Service Food and Beverage) Name : Jack Chandler Home Town : Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham Hire Status : Ex-ICP, CRP 14/15 Role : Full Service Food and Beverage (F&B) Work Location : Coral Reef, Epcot What did your training consisting of? After traditions and my park orientation, my training started with a lot of health and food safety in the classroom and with online work also. After completing all this, I was taken to the restaurant and was taught each area I could work in. First I was trained in stocking, this is keeping all side areas for the servers stocked up so they can serve the guests as quickly as possible. Next I was trained on seating. This is where we take the guests from the lobby and walk them to the table and distribute menus. Finally I was taught greeter. This is the first Cast Member a guest comes into contact with at the restaurant. This position requires you to check a party in and to make any notes on the

Cast Member Spotlight - Courtney Sharp (Front Desk)

Cast Member Spotlight - Courtney Sharp (Front Desk) Name : Courtney Sharp Home town : Las Vegas, NV Hire Status : CP Role : Hospitality - Front Desk Work Location : Animal Kingdom Lodge, Saratoga Springs & Old Key West What did your training consisting of? After Traditions, I first had to take a class that prepared us in knowledge of what the Walt Disney World Resort as a whole has to offer, followed by a week-long training class where we learned the computer programs we would be using, cash handing skills, as well as guest service experience. From there, I got my first look at the resort I would be working at, my “home” location, DAKL (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge) in a welcome class. I then began a week of OJT (On the Job Training), where I learned all the necessary tools of Front Desk as well as the layout of the hotel, with the last day being where they basically stand over your shoulder to make sure you are okay to be out of the nest and on your own. We had refreshe

Cast Member Spotlight - Dan Pippen (Downtown Disney Operations)

Cast Member Spotlight - Dan Pippen (Downtown Disney Operations) Name : Dan Pippen Hometown : Plymouth, England Hire Status : Ex-CM ICP Role : Operations Location : Cirque Du Soleil, Downtown Disney What did your training consist of? I had 2 jobs: one was a box office host and the other was as an usher, so I had 2 separate weeks of training and 2 weeks of wearing my "Earning My Ears" ribbon! I was trained in the box office first, where my training saw me shadow my trainer for a couple of days, picking up the different aspects of the job, before being let loose myself for the final few days, and the assessment. For my usher job it was a little different. I worked alongside my trainer in the various positions that we work in, progressing through all the different pedestals and curtains (for admitting guests to the theatre). He showed me what to do in the first couple of days, then once we had worked through the different positions, it was time for me to take the lead,