How to set up a wireless network in Windows XP

Windows XP makes setting up a wireless network as easy as taking candy from a baby - extremely easy . We will look at networking as me detail in few weeks time but here's now you can create your wireless network in just four easy steps!

Step 1: for a PC running Windows XP Service pack 2, creating a network is extremely simple. Click the start button, open Control Panel. Now click in Network and Internet Connections and then open the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.

Step 2: Follow the Wizard's clear, simple instructions. To start off with you will be asked to name your network. Be as simple as you what but do not include personal details - it can contain a maximum of 32 characters and can be either a word or a phrase. there os a check box that enables you to use WPA encyrption instead of WEP - try this as most newer routers and cards have it (last few years) - this provides better encryption.

Step 3: When the wizard asks about encryption keys, select "Automatically assign a network key". We would then advise you to choose the USB flash-memory drive option. Click Next.

Step 4: Insert a USB drive into the PC and select the drived when prompted to do so. Click on next and your donw. Now plug in the USB to all the computers which should be configured (and the router, should it have a USB port) and run the wizard, select the settting from the USB and your finished!


  1. This is a simple tip to set up a wireless network for my windows XP. As a newbie, I dun know how to do it. Thanks for sharing!!!


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