What will be coming from Apple on 09/09/2009

With Apple having officially announced an event coming on the 9th September 2009 rumours are already flying around about what might be happening. Below are some of the rumours and what I think are really likely depending on logical reason.
  • Are the Beatles coming to iTunes? - This is one of those announcements which has been rumoured for years but has still not come to fruition. The date is the same day that Beatles for Rockband comes out and there are references to the number nine in several songs. Could this be a coincidence? I think not but I don't think that EMI would give up all the money it will make over the Christmas from their new remastered CD version, so I don't think this will happen.
  • Is the new tablet going to be released? - Not yet, it'll stay way too early and Snow Leopard has just been released. More below.
  • Is Steve Jobs coming back to present a keynote? - I think Steve himself will have to decide this a couple of days before the event and this is in no way determined yet. I think if Jobs appears, the tablet won't be coming until early 2011. If he doesn't appear, Apple may be saving him for the big announcement of the Tablet in January 2010.
  • What will the iPod updates be? - I think either the iPod Shuffle will be discontinued or the iPod Nano will be discontinued or the price will be lowered for the Nano. The iPod Touch 8GB will be discontinued as well as the iPod Classic. The iPod Touch 16GB will be the same price as the 8GB and come with a camera built in and possibly a microphone. A 64GB version may also be introduced to replace the Classic being removed. The iPod Touch camera is a definite certainty but the microphone not so much. This will mean all the new iPods will be using SSD drives instead of Hard Drives. The Nano may also be getting a camera if it stays.
  • Is there going to be an iTunes update? Most likely there will with Facebook integration and possibly Twitter integration. There is a high possibility of Blu-Ray support which could mean Blu-Ray drives in the next round of MacBook Pros and iMacs.
  • Will there be updates to the Apple TV? Well something is happening as the current 40GB model has a 1-2 weeks delivery date - this could mean it is upgraded or simply more likely discontinued. The second version may be upgraded to 250GB indicating subscription services may be coming soon to iTunes which would be a useful addition.


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