NiNite downloads all your programs, installs them automatically

Ninite is my new favourite program that will make your life much easier when upgrading from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, or when you just need to install a bunch of programs at once on multiple PCs. Essentially it is an auto-installer and auto-downloader for Windows!

Very simply, you visit and pick the apps that you want to install. Theres everything from Microsoft Office 2007 (trial version - just enter your key), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Skype, all the messaging clients, your favourite video players incl. VLC, Spotify, iTunes, image editing programs such as GIMP, OpenOffice, Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, Flash, Silverlight, Java, AVG, Avast, uTorrent, Steam, Dropbox, CCleaner, 7Zip, Notepad++ and loads more!

After checking the boxes click "Get Installer" and a small custom installer will be downloaded (less than a megabyte). Now run the installer and all the apps will be installed, one after another and it will say 'no' to all the toolbars and crap that installers ask if you want. It runs in the background and is the quickest way possible to get multiple apps installed quickly. Go on try it now!


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