Apple iPad UK Prices

Apple launched the iPad yesterday, 27th January 2010, and has once again managed to make another product that consumers now need, despite not having the need before. From the prices below it is clear that Apple will be making a lot of its money from the accessories for the iPad.

The Apple iPad - $499 - this equates to around around £308 if we were to actually believe that Apple would keep the price equal for UK consumers, but we're gonna get ripped off realistically. The $599 Mac Mini equates to £510, which makes the exchange rate according to Apple being £1 = $1.17451 (hardly competitive considering the real exchange rate is $1.60+ now). If the same rule is applied the basic iPad would retail at about £425. £399 seems like the magic price point for Apple though and £349 would be much better for consumers and would significantly boost sales.

The Apple iPad Case - $39 for which is essentially a folder, will equate to around £35 UK price

The iPad Dock - $29 for a fancy stand in the US, £25 will be the UK price.

The iPad Dock + Keyboard Combo - $69 for the keyboard and dock combo, this will retail for about £59 UK price.

iWork Apps - $10 per app in the US, this will likely retail for £10 in the UK per app.

iPad Camera Connection Kit - $29 in the US for both adapters, this will retail for about £25 UK price.


  1. Well, got to say we were right. The iPad isn't retailing at exactly £425 but at £429...come on, pretty close!


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