iPhone OS 4.0 rumours become stronger...and the iphone 4g?

There are more rumours bubbling around than ever, and the Apple rumour-mill will have some explaining to do if there is in fact no Apple event on January 26th/27th. Invitations are expected to be given out by Wednesday next week and we'll know by then whether anything at all will be coming in January.

There are now rumours that a new OS will be coming out and possibly even an iPhone 4g, as its being dubbed.The new iPhone needs to be refreshed and it needs to have a better screen, a 5MP camera and there are rumours of a touch-sensitive back panel (which I find useless and will say straight away that it will not happen).

As far as the OS being released, this is necessary and patents have been filed which say that you will be able to add a contact to your home screen. It is also expected to announce a new way of managing apps, the enabling of the FM tuner which apparently the chip is capable of doing, multi-tasking (this needs to come...come on Apple!) and Flash!

What would you want in iPhone OS 4.0 or the iPhone 4g?


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