Working at Disneyland Paris - The Contract (4 weeks to go)

So it's just four weeks until I go out to Disneyland Paris for 17 days to be a Cast Member. It's very exciting at the moment as I just got my contact and info pack through the post.

There are two copies of the contract - all in French, detailing all the legal stuff, incl. your pay and your role amongst things like Social Security and health benefits. You send one back to the office.

You also get two copies of the housing contract which gives you basic details such as the names, how much rent you have to pay and what is and isn't provided. You send one back to the office and keep the other.

You also have to send a copy of some ID back too.

Apart from that there's a welcome letter detailing your first steps - eg. go to the Fantasia building before 6pm on day zero, and day one is traditions at 8.45am at the Disney University (aka Hotel Cheyenne). There's also a map, a disability leaflet, a travel expenses form, a contacts form, and a social security/tax details form.

Going to post back the contracts and the ID today. I don't expect to receive anything else before I leave except maybe a confirmation email but maybe not even that.

Very excited now! But have also realised that there is actually all these new people (Staff) to meet which could be daunting but on the plus side I have heard that the staff canteen is excellent!

More to come soon!


1. Apparently staff only get free entry to the parks after 2PM on non-blockout dates and as it's Christmas I'm guessing there will be a load of blockout dates, so I'm planning on using my staff discount to get the Dream annual pass for E179.10 instead of E199.

2. Disney recommends bringing 350-460e to cover the first few weeks as they only pay you at the end of the month - I need euros in cash for housing deposit and various things, probably 250 in cash and some change is a good idea.

3. I need to get a french bank account by the looks of it.

4. Discounts in shops is 25% (though i'm guessing this varies from shop to shop and item to item) and 20 or 25% in restaurants depending and 10% on entry tickets. In contrast the annual passport Dream have 20% on entry tickets, 10% on restaurants and 20% in shops. So looks like its a mix and match between staff ID and the annual passport.

5. Professional attired needed for traditions and orientation and black shoes and socks required anyway. They clean my costume.

6. I pay for laundry at the accommodation, and (posssibly, hope not) wifi too.


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