Working at Disneyland - Day 4 - Training: Day 2

Today was a very, very cold day. Lots of ice everywhere, so much so that in the morning while running for the bus I slipped and fell in front of some girl (-_-). Got backstage eventually, got changed and had breakfast and arrived within the 5 minute late grace period, so was technically on time.

Today was very, very icy as I was saying. The platform on Storybook was a death trap with people making jokes about being able to host Mickey's Winter Wonderland on there instead of on the ice rink in the theatre (oh how drole). Casey wasn't much better as the trains wouldn't move very far and were making a horrible noise, eventually they got stuck and then moved back into the garage. We waited for maintenance until about 11am ish when we tried again, by which time they were now going round fine as most of the ice had melted. I did a tour a pied [walking tour] looking for any stray items and checking the emergency exits. I then did dispatch (in the control booth) most of the day here.

I also did dispatch at Storybook which requires so much concentration staring at monitors constantly and making constant spiels asking people to "Mesdames et Monseuirs veulliez rester assis, merci! Ladies and Gentlemen please remain seated, thank you!"

Another thing I did today was see the Disney Dance Express train when I walked through the park - it's not as annoying as Andrew says but then again I don't see it ten times per day.

Got to say it's been brilliant so far as rain is concerned at the moment - none at all!

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