Working at Disneyland - Day 5 - Last Day of training & Test

Well today was a pretty standard day really just going through the last things that I hadn’t talked about, this time with Guillaume as Raffa was off. The day was leading towards the test at the end which Disney have called a “Check Out” - I had heard it was 250 questions and thought that it was a joke, well...the test lasted 3 hours in total and was lots of talking and pretending to press buttons. If I got something wrong, it was explained correctly but a lot of the questions were not the most important anyway such as “what does the greeter do?” “what is the ride based on?” but of course others such as the evacuation procedures and start up were more important.

I passed the check out with Noora asking the questions so tomorrow I’m ready to be a fully fledged Cast Member.

I think this might have been the night I properly met Francesca, a girl who has English parents but lives in France so has near perfect English with only a slight accent. What a character. Loud to say the least but very very friendly.

I think this night me and Andrew went around the Disneyland Hotel where he gave me a guided tour. He even tried to use his Cast Member ID to access the private suites which didn’t go to well when all the lights started flashing. We left that area promptly. We saw the pool, an arcade, had a long sit down on the very, very comfortable sofas and saw a poster with Walt and Duffy together. For some reason I think he would not approve...

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