Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 11 (26th Dec)

Today I started at 10.30am. After getting changed, I saw Mickey on a golf cart being driven around from one park to another which was kind of cute and funny. Didn't expect to see that the first thing in the morning.

Apparently today is not a bank holiday so the buses run on normal timetables and not on Sunday timetables...something I didn't know and I may have informed some people wrongly...oops! The 31st is also not a bank holiday.

I saw the parade floats for Star and Cars [or as me and Eilidh think 'Stars in Cars' would be a more appropriate name] being driven around with no characters at around 2:20pm.

There were 44,000 people in the park today. [We got told the day after there were actually 53,000+ people this day] and it was horrendously packed, just as we'd anticipated for Boxing Day. It was a 45 minute queue for Casey Junior today with both trains running and Storybook had a 30 minute wait. Wow!

Lots and lots of SAPs today (disabled people) due to the increased attendance which seems to be proportionally correct.

I had to do 'la fermeture' for both rides - which includes the fun job of 'le sweeping' which includes changing the bins.

At lunch the staff toilets had a sign saying that "nettoyage en course" and that the toilets were closed. A woman comes in and says to me "Regarde! [opens chain and lets us through] Magie!!" HAHAHHA I couldn't stop laughing.

At lunch I saw a girl whose ID said "parade and characters" though I couldn't tell who she was meant to be without costume and/or make-up. Characters must be hard to cast.

Back from lunch and Storybook was closed due to a 101 caused by a code 44 [fainting].

Eilidh was ill today, so me and Andrew met up and went to watch Fantillusion, then I suggested we should go through backstage along main street and exit before the parade moved again. We went backstage hearing the music playing and then realised we only had a minute or so to sneak back on stage before we got run over by floats. Adrenaline was rushing at this moment. Andrew said we should go back so we did that and went through the arcade back to Main Street by which time we couldn't get through and so we watched Fantillusion twice that night. No problem as I love the music.

Today I got stuck in a toilet as the lock wouldnt unlock for about 5 minutes and then I got stuck in a lift for about a minute as none of the buttons worked. So that was fun. (-_-)

Me, Francesca, Jamie and Katy spent a few hours talking that night, when I suddently realised I could only get 4 hours of sleep. Oops!

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