Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 10 (25th Dec) - It's CHRISTMAS!

Well, so today was Christmas day and how do you know when you work at Disney? Christmas decorations? No, those have been up since November 8th. Christmas music? Nope, nov 8th too. Christmas parades? Nope, same as above. As staff you know it's Christmas as in the briefing room we had FREE FOOD AND DRINKS! WOOP! I had a hot chocolate and some nice croissant-style treats too as well as some chocolate.

Isn't it just the most magical place to work on Christmas day?

As it was Christmas day I started a tad bit later at 10.30am and when I got there I was told that Casey Junior had gone 101 just 2 minutes after opening. Oh dear. Nice present everyone.

Briefing had said that there were going to be 38,000 people in Disneyland Park that day which was probably going to be the lowest attendance of the busy part of the Christmas season.

My family were in the park and they got to see me in my nice (ahem) costume and they had a nice ride on Casey Junior while I was in the control booth and they had a nice smooth ride.

My Christmas present from Disney? My first 101. I was at dispatch and it was lucky as I could see both trains and therefore we wouldn't have to use the remote controls and it could all be done by me in the booth, of course with the help of the other cast members and maintenance. Everyone was very nice and helpful - I guess it didn't go too badly as we were only down for 16 minutes in total. Not bad. Also today someone decided to stand up as the train was leaving the station so I got to make use of the "arret en gare" button which was exciting. Training really paid off for today! I've got to admit I wasn't 100% sure what to do though but it was all there in my brain, everyone was safe and even if may have been done faster by more experienced Cast Member but it WAS done safely.

There was a really unpleasant English man today who sat in a three instead of a two and I asked them to move into a two and a one - he then went on to say that it was the fact the grouper was French and so they didn't understand her and started blabbing on about the French and blah blah blah. Rude!

Lots of questions when walking to lunch: How do I get out of the park? [Really though?!] and twice in 10 seconds: Where are the toilets? [Literally finished explaining to one person then the next asked immediately]

There was a kid dressed in a stitch costume on who I called stitch when I saw him, his parents found it funny. Speaking of characters, they were out in force today; just by Casey Junior there were Little Red Riding Hood, Chip and Dale, Cinderella, Minnie and a few others all posing for photos. I wish I could have got some :( I still don't have any with characters.

The guy I may have mentioned previously that spoke really good English with a strange accent was actually English. Awkward!

I finished at 18h25 and went into the park and met my family to watch Princess Aurora's Christmas wish, aka The Castle Lighting Ceremony - it was brilliant, much better than I had anticipated. I'm yet to see the tree lighting.

Me and my bro went on Big Thunder Mountain which he was terrified of, despite being fine on Space Mountain. The photo was so good I had to get it: £11.25 instead of £15 with my CM discount.

Then we went to Colonel Haiti's for penne bolognese [no your not having deja vu, I did this yesterday too], then we went to Cable Car Cafe [once again, I know I did this yesterday too but the chocolate cake is delish!]. Then it was onto Phantom Manor, Pinocchio and Indiana Jones. I saw one of my friends from work working whilst I was in the queue for Pinocchio and she said I could have skipped it and she'd have let me through the exit but I thought that was unfair on the other people waiting and with just a 15 minute wait it was fine - great people working there though! I also saw Alison at Colonel Haiti's and had a nice chat (Alison whom I met on Day 1).

We caught the last show shop of Fantillusion too around the hub and I was really disappointed mum didn't get to see the full parade as she would have loved it! We got the bus at 9:20PM back to the hotel.

I then went home [bit of a tip today], did my washing and realised I STILL haven't been on my own Casey ride.

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