Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 7 (22 Dec) - Alone...

Today was my first day “Alone”... by that I mean that there was no-one there to guide me anymore after my whole two and a half days of training. To be fair it was a pretty standard day - no 101s (attraction temporairement fermee) at all. I noticed that we have quite a lot of disabled guests with cards both at Casey and at Storybook. It’s more annoying on Storybook as the boats have to stop for everyone but that’s the nature of the ride.

Today I also fully understood the idea of “la capacite” the max/ideal capacity per hour of the attraction - essentially there is some sort of monetary bonus attached to the attraction which can process the most guests per hour by being the most efficient with points also available for courtesy. I will assume that I won’t be seeing any bonus in my paycheck we have much too many disabled guests on our rides compared to some others - again it is not their fault but the competition shall not be won by us by numbers, however in terms of courtesy the team are all fantastic!

I also noticed that a lot of people need “le bar” to be opened because their children have sat down and pulled down on the lap bar. One misplaced lap bar means we have to open them all and re-check them all. Other people decide it is appropriate to sit in a three, even though it is pretty obvious that there is only space for two people - and yes your baby counts as a person.

Other things at work: There’s a mirror before you go “on stage” to check yourself, talked to more people during breaks, it’s fun waving at the last carriage when you are on unload and seeing some people’s fascination as you press the validate button and a few seconds later the train goes - only with the confirmation of the dispatch too, they don’t know that though. It’s also cute when really little kids call me by “Excuse moi monsieur.” 

After work my housemates and Francesca wanted to do the Studios and some of Disneyland Park before we went to watch Buffalo Bills Wild West Show at a discount of 65% for Cast Members. We did Rock N Rollercoaster which had no music on-ride (I have since heard from another friend that she went on three times and the music didn’t work at all so it wasn’t just our train). After that we did Armageddon. Then we went over to Disneyland Park and did BTM and Star Tours.

Then it was over to Buffalo Bills Wild West SHow in the village - the show was fine but there was no storyline at all and the cast were American which was brilliant for us Brits but they butchered the French language so much it was unbelievable. The food was fine - chilli con carne, then sausages, ribs, and chicken. Then dessert which was Apple crumble, and three drink refills - water, coke or beer. If I had paid full price I’d have felt ripped off; even at Cast Member price I still felt it was expensive. Plus we missed out on the photo with Mickey which I never was the main reason for me going. I still don’t have a photo with him :( He’s always doing meet and greets when I’m working and then busy with shows when I’m off :(

A random thought: I had to stop myself today waving at kids when out of costume, that’d be creepy. But some are so cute you just want to wave at them.

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