What could Disneyland Paris improve for cast members?

Now looking back retrospectively I thought I should post what Disney could do to improve the experience for the Cast Members in Paris, as well as posting what my favourite moments were in a different post.
  • More variety of food in the cantine - chips and pizza and burgers get a bit old after a while. I know there's some traditional French dishes but how about spaghetti bolognese/meatballs/other dishes from around the world too? Eilidh said there was nothing Veggie except chips which is a shame.
  • Buses for CMs - don't make us use public transport, it is horribly packed and you have to refund 75% of it anyway. The midnight onwards buses are a joke - particularly on New Year's Day after the fireworks when you're trying to cram in over 2000 cast members from residences and their friends onto two buses!
  • The quality of accommodation was fine but I at least expected a mop, a kettle, a microwave and a toaster - surely not too much to ask? Ali suggests accommodation should be free as we have to work for Disney anyway.
  • Free RELIABLE wifi please in accommodation [Also Ali's suggestion, I defo agree]
  • Individual rooms at a premium, a lot of people would pay (including me) to get their own room instead of sharing
  • Let me keep my name tag - be consistant throughout the resort! It's unfair that some kept it and some didn't [read: I DIDN'T!]
  • Bigger discount for cast members for onstage/in park/village food - you're allowed to go backstage and get some from the cafes so why not just offer it directly in the park and maybe we'll buy more (50% off would be great).
  • Remove restrictions about CMs entering before 2pm everyone goes through backstage anyway - let us swipe to get into the park without this stupid getting a ticket from guest relations malarkey
  • Everyone should get traditions and orientation including watching shows and doing a few rides - it would solve the fundamental problem of people not knowing what/where things are or basics about the company that they should know and stops CMs having to pass on basic information. Or give us a welcome pack just in case with all these details on?
  • Very specific to me but ---> More briochee dorees or a canteen near the fantasyland area there's nothing to eat there without walking through to main street or getting a bus to imaginations
  • Permanent building structures backstage - they all look like portacabins - is this in case Disney want to expand the parks later on?
  • New costumes/Wider range - Francesca suggested have costumes in more sizes and fits - eg. at the WWS the same jeans are for both men and women and as she said "Well I'm sorry but girls and boys don't fit into the same jeans."

Not for me but for the guests: Do not let guests go out through the backstages after the fireworks it ruins the experience of the magic. Anyway you send them back on stage onto Town Square anyway so all it does is divert the problem not solve it.


  1. I was talking to a cowboy from the show, he has a private room actually, he pays for two beds in the same residence, think you can only do it in pleiades but oh well! don't know whether this is frowned upon or even allowed during peak times though


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