Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 13 (Dec 28th) - Just another day, just another VIP...

Today I got to do my first tour de show of Casey Junior! Woop woop! Loved it singing along "Casey Junior's coming down the track (8)" and actually getting to ride the ride I was working on - it's faster than I anticipated, 18km/h to be exact.

Both rides were 101 at one point today too which meant that the little Casey/Storybook miniland was essentially empty but some characters came out anyway to keep guests occupied.

We had 12 VIPs in one big group today on Casey, I heard they were somehow related to/were Spanish royalty... VIPs are always accompanied by a very smartly-dressed Cast Member around the park.

One thing that truly makes me laugh is that in France they use the word "un truc" [a "thing"] in conversations - so they can actually have a whole conversation going:
"Oui! Le truc c'est ca"
"D'accord parce que le truc avec le truc c'est que..."

The cantine food is very cheap and very tasty but I've been going for fries every single day except once which means I'm sure my health is shown by my skin too. There is pasta, but not every day and there is rice most of the time but I'm honestly not a huge fan of rice. I've noticed a lot of people use the microwaves to heat up food brought from home. Another interesting thing as that the dishes have french names with no translation which is interesting: how was I meant to know that a hamburger was reffered to as "un steak hache" or "un steak" and that I like it "a point" or "bien cuit"? This makes it hard for me to know what I'm the chocolate and vanilla ice-cream the other day actually turned out to be cheese and a syrup of some sort *pukes*.

I'm sure my fingers now have reduced circulation after all of those mornings touching the freezing cold boats over at Story - we have gloves but they are fingerless and the sous-gants have run out. We are, however, being constantly offered chauffe-mains and chauffe-pieds but fingered gloves/sous gants would have worked too!

Side note: I'm not actually miserable and constantly complaining on my blog as someone accused me of...I do post positive stuff and lots of fun stuff on here too! I'm loving this quick 2-and-a-half-week job!

There's only 4 days left here till the whole experience is over...I'm glad to only have 2 days of work left, the next 2 days are days off (incl my birthday), then two days of work and then I leave on the fifth day. It's really sad that this experience is coming to an end so quickly.

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