Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 14 (29th Dec) - Paris with the family

So finally a day off again!

Slept over at my parent's tonight so we all got up around 9.30ish, had breakfast and then went off to Paris - 56 euros for a day pass for 4 people is pretty expensive! We saw the Arc de Triomphe, walked down the Champs Elysee and went to M&S there to get a sandwich for me. Then we got a bus to a palace which I forget the name of. We walked around there, saw the Pantheon, saw Saint Sulpice which had a nice holy water fountain with an octopus on it, and there was a nice little nativity set too. We had a coffee in the evening and we had lunch in a small little restaurant too. Parisian food can be expensive that's for sure.

Back home, mum was discussing how she wants to go to Disneyland tomorrow but doesn't want to pay the outrageous price which is over 200 euros on the door for all 3 of them, even with my staff discount it would be about 185 euros. I can tell she really really wants to go and was trying to convince me to pay for them to go, but only she is really keen out of the three others in my family.

She also says they probably won't come back for another 10 years which sounds about right for them [maybe we could go to Orlando instead *hint hint*]. I don't see myself coming back as a visitor for at least another 5 years unless the 20th anniversary is incredible.

Definitely need to do more rides as I'll be going with people from work to the parks tomorrow to celebrate my birthday! I've only done Space Mountain once in 2 weeks!

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