Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 16 (31st Dec) - The last day of 2011

Today's was a very exciting today as it was the first time I ever got to see Fireworks in a Disney park, admittedly I wasn't expecting Wishes such as in WDW, so I lowered my expectations to make sure I wasn't disappointed. Nevertheless, I was still hugely excited!

It was not just me who was excited for New Year's clearly, as in briefing we learned that the estimated number of people was 47,000 in Disneyland Park and 20,000 in WDS. [The day after they told us we had actually reached over 53,500 in Disneyland Park alone.]

Today due to all the number of visitors, I got to practise (Read: learn) several languages with guests: English, French, Portuguese (3 languages I can actually speak), along with German, Spanish and Italian (languages I only really know the very basics of - time to get Rosetta Stone and learn them) were all spoken. It's incredible how many languages the permanent Cast Members know...all of the above really to a reasonable level, plus some known Norwegian and Mandarin too.

I did the walking tour of Casey Jnr today to check there was nothing on the track or anything that could impede the correct working of the ride. I spoke A LOT of French today, lots and lots of directions, etc. which was a good test of my conversational French. Also while grouping people I'd try and has a little chat about how their day has been so far which is always nice to hear. I was saying to one family that some people will do a full day from 8AM today until 1AM tomorrow with their kids without a break back at their hotel and they said that they wouldn't be able to do that as the kids (and they themselves too) would just be exhausted - I completely agreed.

Although the park as open until 1AM Fantasyland closed at 23H as the final fireworks were being set up and checked, one of the Cast Members told me that if you're in Fantasyland when they are firing the fireworks it's like being in the middle of a war which made me chuckle. "J'imagine"

I went home at 18H30 to do some washing and slept for an hour or two as well. At 10PM me and Eilidh met and went over to the parks. Technically today is a blockout date so no-ones allowed in the parks if you're a least not through the turnstiles, go backstage and no-one knows, to be honest no-one cares either.

Me and Eilidh went over to the Studios and went on Rock n Rollercoaster after spending and 15 minutes at the Dance Party which was pretty fun. The queue for RnR was only about 15 minutes if I remember correctly so that was pretty good, the ride was great as usual - no front seat this time but it's the same ride anyway.

Then we went to say bye to my parents and then it was back to Imaginations to eat and meet Andrew, we also met Alison, Holly and a few others there. We went through backstage to the end of Main Street by the stage and arrived at 23:51 I kind of felt bad for the guests that had waited for hours to get a good place but our place wasn't too bad but far from perfect as there was a speaker in front of a quarter of the castle but at least we got to see the Castle. Take a look:

The fireworks I thought were a bit short but much better than I expected for Paris. I really enjoyed them. You could however hear the Studios ones in the background and they seemed longer and more exciting. The Disney Village also had them and from what my parents said and I've seen online they were timed to music but not Disney music like they were in the main park.

Then it was off to the Village and the sports bar. I got the 1:20am bus in the hope of going to sleep as I had to be up at 6:40am that day.

At La Boisserie my work mates were mostly all there for a party which I was invited as I signed someone in to the residence (oh how nice of them) - I didn't mind to be honest. I was expecting it to be strange with lots of French music but it was fine only bit hits and some nice flashing lights. I got hit on by two gay guys which was an interesting experience. I had fun talking to everyone though - I met two Mickey/Minnies there as well as people from all over the parks. It was probably the best party I've ever been too so the French know how to party for sure!!

There was a lot of alcohol and to shorten a very long story I don't remember going home at all but I know it was after 5am as people were saying I should leave to go to work the next day [I don't even remember saying bye to anyone or leaving the party]. I swear I had set an alarm for that morning, but as you will read in the next post, apparently not...Oops.

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