Walt Disney World ICP - Day 17 to 19 - Work continues - 19th-21st June 2013

Day 17 - Wed, 19th
In the morning I went to my social security appointment. This meant being on a bus for 6am as they opened the social security office two hours early for Disney employees. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would; the whole process took less than 2 hours including the journey both ways. Back home I decided to go back to sleep before work.

Today was another fairly short shift at work from 5PM to 11:45PM which meant that I would be there at closing tine. Not really very much to report except that I got to watch Wishes as I was on exit glasses and there weren’t really many guests in the theatre during the fireworks.

Day 18 - Thurs, 20th
Today was set to be my longest shift ever from 11am to 11:15pm with 4 breaks.  Thought it would be long but manageable. After lunch at about 3PM I started to feel unwell. I’m not sure if it was the amount of rubbish processed food I’d been eating (it’s really hard to eat healthily here), the heat, dehydration, or a mixture of all these but I had to leave my position at one point (warning graphic alert) to go and throw up.

I put in a request for an ER (Early Release) which was granted and I ended up working until 20:30PM which was still a long-ish day but I definitely needed to go home.

Day 19 - Fri, 21st
An average shift for me at Disney starts about 5pm and runs until about 11pm or midnight. Today, was another one of the longer shifts from 3:30pm to 11:15pm - pretty average day of greeting, telling people to move down rows, etc. The only really unique thing today was that when it rained I was assigned to keep the exit to Philharmagic clear - this involved about 3 cast members shouting and telling guests that they cannot use the exit as a rain shelter (as every 10 minutes up to 450 people come through). Not everyone was pleased but rules are rules and are there for the guests’ safety.

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