Walt Disney World ICP - Day 3 - Welcome Party - 5th June 2013

Today was yet another day of me having to sort out lots of paperwork to be able to work in the US. I was up at 6:45am today. We left at 8am for our immigration compliance meeting which started at 8.20am. That was a lot of form filling in a lecture-style so that we made sure to get every single box filled in correctly.

A “Secret agent” for the US immigration also came in and told us about the implications of doing anything illegal and how that would bar us from using a visa waiver in the future, and how if we committed any crime such as underage drinking we would need to be deported but come back to hear our charges, or never return to the US again. Intense stuff.

After this tedious talk we went to Publix and had the subway-style lunch sandwiches there on Blair’s recommendation. They were actually really good!

In the afternoon I went to a second meeting at 2pm with yet more paperwork which was where we were told our location. I got given the location of Fantasyland Attractions - the same land I worked in when I worked at Disneyland Paris. Coincidence or what! They didn’t tell me what attraction though. To be honest, I already knew this as I’d got my housemate to check on the Hub (online employee portal) the night before. I was very happy NOT to have been put on main entrance operations or in a different park. I’d been given the best park by far to work in - the Magic Kingdom!

Back home, I started to unpack but I soon realised it was going to take a few days.

I, Dan and Blair then went to the “Where’s Perry? Welcome Party” which sounded terrible on paper but actually turned out to be one of the best parties I’d ever been too. There were free drinks (fizzy only, no fruit juice or water - which was annoying) and we could get 2 slices of pizza each. We had expected there to have been more food so left very hungry, but the dance area was great. We even learnt the Cupid Shuffle. The best bit though was when all 3 of us UK guys living together made up our own dance on the spot and taught loads of Americans how to do it and before we knew there were lines of people doing our dance! Great times!

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