Walt Disney World ICP - Day 44 - A bit more training... - 16th July 2013

Today I had been scheduled for something that to me seemed a bit random: a class. This is a class about the 4 keys basics which we were taught about in Traditions and it was scheduled to be for 3.5 hours. Along I went to the class beginning at 12:45pm expecting to be bored to death but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Our facilitator Sharon was full of enthusiasm and genuinely made us feel proud for working for Disney at the Magic Kingdom.

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A quick Google search will reveal that for all Disney Cast Members we focus on 4 things: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. In that specific order with Safety being the most important. We would never compromise safety for any of the other keys. Over the next few hours we acted, role played, completed activities and talked about the 4 keys in more detail with a huge focus of course on safety. It was actually really enjoyable and I was paid to sit for 3 and a half hours. We only got a 15 minute break though and by 16:00 when we finished I was starving and I had a shift starting at 16:15!

As soon as I got to the computer it said I had no breaks all day but after asking it for an assignment it revealed I had three breaks left to take and my first break was right now. I then worked for 45 minutes, had a half an hour break, worked for about another hour and had a 15 minute break and then finished the rest of my shift. The computer was trying to fit 1 hour of breaks into 4 and a half hours of work. I wasn't complaining! The shift flew by but believe it or not I was fed up of getting breaks at one point!

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