Walt Disney World ICP - Day 45 - A mixed day at work - 17th July 2013

My original shift today was set to be from 16:15 to 23:45. Park hours were extended to midnight, so my shift was changed to finish at 00:45. I was just under the threshold for overtime which was annoying.

I was put on the carrousel straight away and had an extremely rude guest that said I was unable to communicate and explain things properly as I needed his child to be out of the carrier he was in and facing forward on a horse. The whole ordeal lasted a good 5 minutes and he said I was being rude to him, but it was eventually resolved.

On the other hand I also got called a "very kind Sir" by a lady who's personal stroller was stolen. I searched for her stroller with her, called for security and found her a Disney stroller as a replacement for the day. She was genuinely thankful for me getting it. It was a huge task to get because there were no strollers left at the location they usually are at, so I had to use the tunnels/utilidoors and walk all the way over to under the Aladdin ride, fetch a stroller from an unfamiliar location and then get it all the way back. I was glad to have helped, and I offered her Winnie the Pooh and Under the Sea FASTPASSes for all her party to make up for her lost time. Her kind words really made my day.

The day continued to be great as I watched Wishes and then asked my coordinator if I could be at the Sleepy Hollow rope. This wasn't needed so I got to do castle back instead which is where we let people exit through the castle but not let them re-enter Fantasyland. I was asked to clear the ramps on either side of the castle and as it happened I got to see something I didn't know existed - the "Kiss Goodnight" ceremony where ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ plays and the castle twinkles. When I came back I confirmed the ramps were clear and the manager radio-ed through and then I got to see the doors of the castle close Main Street disappeared behind them. It was so cool! After the big door had been closed, a little door opened for the co-ordinators to come back through which was cute. I snapped a few pictures with the park clear of guests which is such a unique benefit - a lovely end to what could have been a challenging day!

Cinderella Castle from behind after park closing. Not a view many people will see.

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