Walt Disney World ICP - Day 46 - Making magic! - 18th July 2013

Once again I ventured to the Magic Kingdom before work to continue ticking a few more rides off that I hadn't done. Lunch was a prawn salad at the mouseketeeria which was surprisingly nice and a change from all the junk they usually have on offer.

I walked over to Liberty Square and ended up walking into the lobby of the Hall of Presidents through backstage. It was good timing because I asked the Cast Member and it was just 3 minutes until the next show.

The Hall of Presidents
The show was interesting, emotional and it was really cool to see the technology used in the life-like animatronics. I recommend a visit.

I had 45 minutes left until I had to leave for work so I decided it was time to go on Pirates of the Caribbean as I hadn't done it since training. It is such a good ride in Disneyland Paris but here it just falls flat with one tiny drop and an incoherent storyline. It really isn't great but I was happy to queue for 25 minutes as the line never stopped moving.

I got to work and no-one wanted to sign in to get an assignment as it was time for the carrousel rotation to come up and the next person to pick it would more than likely be the carrousel operator. I reluctantly signed in but was greeted with the best message ever telling me to perform the sword in the stone magical moment for 30 minutes.

This was my second or third time doing it and I had the best ever reaction today. A couple went up to the sword and the guy tried really hard to pull it out, you could see he worked out and was a bit disappointed when he couldn't pull it out. When his wife got up to try she too tried hard, I pressed the button and her face lit up - she was SOOOO happy. She started jumping up and down and I could see that I'd genuinely made her day as when she walked off she couldn't stop smiling and bounced around. That really made my day. The kids faces all day were unbelievable too.

The day was great as I got to distribute fastpasses twice which was really fun and my break came before Wishes so I got to see the fireworks too! (I've definitely watched it about 40 times but it never gets old.) The fireworks cast member commented to me that she'd never seen a show like tonight's as it was so humid that the smoke wouldn't move and it became really difficult to see the main fireworks. She was right, you could hear them but you'd have trouble seeing them.

Marly drove us back to her apartment at Patterson with the promise of cake on arrival. Sure enough - she was right, there was cake! She'd bought a 48-person cake for 6 people in her apartment so needed help getting rid of it and the Philhar crew (and some of Pan) were more than happy to oblige. It was part of the Christmas in July celebration which I hadn't heard of, but a bit of research soon revealed that this is in fact a real thing they celebrate here - Christmas in July! Who knew?! After cake, someone suggested we jump in the pool fully clothed in our costumes - it was so much fun and a truly unforgettable moment as we all ended up walking home drenched. It was lots of fun, and something that I wouldn't have done anywhere else!

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