Walt Disney World ICP - Day 48 - More resort hopping - 20th July 2013

Today was a bit of a wasted day to be honest, but it was nice to get a bit of rest in my busy Disney life. After a lie-in I and Dan went to Publix to buy food which is cheaper than always eating out. I did however buy one of their subway-style sandwiches which are great and I thoroughly recommend. They taste much fresher than Subway's.

I then skyped my parents which was mostly fine though the Internet connection is shocking at Chatham so the picture quality wasn't the best.

In an effort to do something and with no one I knew off, I went to tick a couple more resorts off my list. Remember, one of my goals is to visit every resort hotel whilst I'm here. In many ways its just as
fun as going to the parks and you really do get transported to another world at each resort.

I missed the Carribbean beach bus by only a couple of minutes so sat waiting for the next one for half an hour. Half an hour after that I was at the Caribbean beach. It was raining fairly heavily when I arrived but I wasn't going to let that dampen things (ha ha!).

The Caribbean Beach Resort
Image: (C) Disney

I walked around a large part of the resort and noticed how huge it was. I was expecting there to be a lot more beach though and a lot of less lake. It was weird. Determined not to be annoyed by the rain I walked onto the beach and lay in the hammock. It was dirty and wet but I wasn’t going to walk all the way over for nothing.

I then suffered from wet hammock bum syndrome for the next hour or so which wasn't great. I only ended up spending half an hour at the resort and picked up a chocolate muffin on the way out.

I hopped on the cast bus and the next stop was Pop Century resort. I'm going to be staying here with my family so didn't get off. I am a bit concerned though as it did look really tacky and cheap from a distance which I hope isn't the feeling when you're staying there.

Next stop was the Art of Animation resort and I was really excited to see this one. It was incredible! There is a Lion King section, a Little Mermaid section, a Cars section and a Finding Nemo section and they were all incredibly well themed with icons throughout. I think this might be my favourite resort. Even in the pouring rain it was still so much fun! I loved everything about the resort and I'm highly impressed with Disney for building that level of detail at a value resort. Even the lobby and dining areas were stunning!

The main pool at the Art of Animation Resort.
Photo: www.tracygallagher.com

It was so impressive that I spent an entire hour walking around until I got the bus back to my apartment. I was only out for 3 hours but they were 3 hours very well spent.

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