Walt Disney World ICP - Day 55 - We're 101! - 27th July 2013

Today I got up early to visit Silvia who has been working here since last year and whom I met at work in London. We went to Starbucks as we did last time and had breakfast, it was nice to actually have breakfast for once as my schedule doesn't usually fit it in. Then we went to Publix and finally I went to the gym.

After the gym I thought I'd take the golden opportunity to soak up some sun as I very rarely have the time. It was beaming outside when I was in the gym, I got changed went back out and clouds had come over. Undeterred I lay down ready to soak up some rays. 5 minutes later I was stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm. Not fun.

I wasn't yet hungry so I decided to visit another resort to check that off my list and today it was time to visit the Wilderness Lodge. This was a bit of a surprise to me as I didn't expect it to be anything like it was - the lobby was stunning and the pool and outdoor areas were incredible!

Wilderness Lodge was stunning! Ignore the fact it's raining in this pic...

I called my parents and boarded the ferry launch over to the Magic Kingdom. 10 minutes later I was at the gates. I had just one attraction left in Magic Kingdom - the Liberty Square Riverboat and I knew it had to be timed well - it left on the hour and at 30 minutes past the hour until 8PM. I made perfect timing and got on the boat just a minute before it left - it was a relaxing voyage but I don't think I'd do it again due to the lack of seating and the fact that it doesn't really serve any purpose.

The Riverboat - my final MK Attraction!
But ignore that...because I have officially now completed every single attraction in the Magic Kingdom! Only 3 parks left to go!

After that it was a trip to costuming and then onto work. I had been wishing for an attraction to be down (or 101 in Disney speak) for a while but until today there was nothing. Yes, Philharmagic had been down before and the carrousel too but never when I was in the theatre or at the carrousel. Today it happened. I managed to press a button too early and I Emergency-stopped the carrousel. I had to call maintenance and a manager who had to talk to me to make sure it wouldn't happen again though she was very nice.

Earlier in the day the theatre also went 101 as one of the curtains wouldn't open. I wasn't there but I did help to sort out the situation. Apart from these two events it was a fairly mundane day at work with no angry guests at all - success!

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